Information wants to be free
Information wants to be free

Turkish govenment banned Youtube again.

Censorship is lack of self confidence. Performing censorship on the internet for some stupid piece of content that "insults Ataturk" is the real humiliation to the integrity of Ataturk's achievements and ideas.

A villager, while trying to roll a cigarette using paper torn from a newspaper, because of lack of quality rolling paper after the war, swore at Ataturk and was going to be punished for his words. Ataturk changed the court order and told people that instead of working to make laws to punish that villager, they should work to provide him with good rolling paper.

Get a life guys. Don't you have anything better to do than banning Youtube? Like working for freedom of communication and speech so Ataturk's ideas can be contemplated by more people. So greatness of his mind and his words of freedom and peace can reach more people.

Ataturk Videos on Youtube via Anonymouse

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